Monday, March 4, 2024


6:45amRegistration / Continental Breakfast
Princess Ballroom
7:20amWelcome and Opening Remarks

Mykl Garrett, RPH, MBA, FACHE
Associate Vice President, HonorHealth Cardiovascular Service Line

Princess Ballroom

Cases Over Coffee I: Case Presentation and Expert Commentary

Moderator: Andrew M. Goldsweig, MD
Panelists: Ankur Gupta, MD, PhD; Srinivas Iyengar, MD; Molly Szerlip, MD

7:30 amTAV-in-TAV: When in Doubt, Find a UNICORN
Molly Szerlip, MD
7:40 amCase 2: Navigating the Challenges and Complications of LAAO

Srinivas Iyengar, MD

7:50 amCase 3: Seeing the Invisible: Invasive Coronary Microcirculatory Testing
Ankur Gupta, MD, PhD

Structural Heart Therapies Session I

Moderator: John M. Lasala, MD, PhD
Panelists: James A. Goldstein, MD; Andrew M. Goldsweig, MD; Matthew W. Sherwood, MD, MHS

8:00 amTop Structural Trials of the Last Year
Andrew M. Goldsweig, MD
8:15 amICE-Guided LAA Mechanical Closure
John M. Lasala, MD, PhD
8:30 amExpanding the Indications for Left Atrial Appendage Mechanical Therapies

Matthew W. Sherwood, MD, MHS

8:45 amPFO and Paradoxical Embolus: Embryology to Transcatheter Device Closure
James A. Goldstein, MD

Live Cases 1 & 2 | LAA and MITRAL

Moderators: John M. Lasala, MD, PhD and Brian K. Whisenant, MD
Panelists: M. Chadi Alraies, MD; Alphonse Ambrosia, DO; Sudeshna Banerjee, MD; Srinivas Iyengar, MD; Jonathan G. Schwartz, MD; Molly Szerlip, MD

9:00 amCase 1
Broadcast from HonorHealth Shea Medical Center, Scottsdale, Arizona

Operator: Rahul N. Doshi, MD
Guest Operator: Alok Sharma, MD

9:35 amCase 2
Broadcast from HonorHealth Shea Medical Center, Scottsdale, Arizona

Operator: David G. Rizik, MD
Guest Operator: Mark Reisman, MD

10:15amBreak / Visit Exhibits

Structural Heart Therapies II

Moderator: Kendra J. Grubb, MD
Panelists: Jason Foerst, MD; James B. Hermiller, MD; Srinivas Iyengar, MD; John M. Lasala, MD, PhD; Jonathan G. Schwartz, MD


Revascularization Prior to Valve Therapy:
Is Revascularization Needed at All for TAVR/TMVR/TEER?

10:30 amA Must in Most Cases
John M. Lasala, MD, PhD
10:36 amNo Way: Can We Just Get to the Valve Implant?
Matthew W. Sherwood, MD
10:42 amWrap-up
10:45 amLAMPOON and SESAME: Leaflet Modification Strategies in TMVR
Jason Foerst, MD
11:00 amComparing Long-term Outcomes: Valve-in-Valve, Valve-in-Ring, Valve-in-MAC

Jonathan G. Schwartz, MD

11:15 am

Managing TMVR Migration/Embolization

Kendra J. Grubb, MD
11:30 amCephea, Intrepid and Evoque Program Updates
James B. Hermiller, MD
11:45 amInnovalve: A New “Twist” in Valve Therapy
David G. Rizik, MD
Pick-Up Lunch and Return to the Ballroom

Working Lunch: Structural Heart Therapies III: Emerging Catheter-Based Strategies in Structural Intervention

Moderators: Mark Reisman, MD
Panelists: Steven R. Bailey, MD; Brian K. Whisenant, MD

12:30 pmThe Landscape of Emerging Tricuspid Therapies
Mark Reisman, MD
12:45 pm

Forgotten No More: Screening for Tricuspid TEER

Srinivas Iyengar, MD

1:00 pmThe Evolving Use of Intravascular Lithotripsy in Valvular Heart Disease
Dean J. Kereiakes, MD (virtual-live)
1:15 pmTechnologies for Treating Left Atrial Decompression in Heart Failure
Steven R. Bailey, MD

Live Case 3

Moderators: Steven J. Yakubov, MD and Jamie M. McCabe, MD
Panelists: Sudeshna Banerjee, MD; Megan Coylewright, MD; Andrew M. Goldsweig, MD; Katherine B. Harrington, MD; Carlos E. Sanchez, MD; Per Sommer, MD

1:30 pmCase 3
Broadcast from HonorHealth Shea Medical Center, Scottsdale, Arizona
Operator: David G. Rizik, MD
Guest Operator: James B. Hermiller, MD


Moderator: Michael J. Rinaldi, MD 
Panelists: Megan Coylewright, MD; Philippe Genereux, MD; Carlos E. Sanchez, MD; Molly Szerlip, MD; Steven J. Yakubov, MD

2:30 pmOptimization of the Initial TAVR for Best Durability and Planning the Next Valve

Molly Szerlip, MD

2:45 pmTAVR-in-TAVR: The Evidence for Leaflet Modification
Carlos E. Sanchez, MD
3:00 pmTips and Tricks: Implantation Techniques for TAVR-in-TAVR
Megan Coylewright, MD
3:15 pm

Are All Transcatheter Valve System Options Possible for TAVR-in-TAVR?

Steven J. Yakubov, MD
3:30 pm

Putting It All Together: TAVR-in-TAVR Case Presentation

Philippe Genereux, MD

Controversies Over Cockatils

Moderators: Steven R. Bailey, MD
Panelists: Kendra J. Grubb, MD; Katherine B. Harrington, MD; Jonathon Leipsic, MD; Jamie M. McCabe, MD; Robert D. Riley, MD; Michael J. Rinaldi, MD; Steven J. Yakubov, MD 

Strategies Following Failed TAVR

4:00 pmFailed TAVR: Next Step Is Device Explant and SAVR

Katherine B. Harrington, MD

4:08 pmFailed TAVR: There’s Almost Always Another Transcatheter Option

Jamie M. McCabe, MD

4:16 pmWrap Up

Low-Risk Aortic Stenosis with Coronary Artery Disease

4:20 pmTAVR and PCI in Most Cases

Michael J. Rinaldi, MD

4:28 pmSAVR and CABG in Most Cases

Kendra Grubb, MD

4:36 pmWrap Up
4:40 pmMultimodality Imaging: Implications for the Valve-in-Valve Mitral Procedure

Jonathon Leipsic, MD

4:55 pmWrap Up
5:00 pmAdjourn CME Session

Abbott Sponsored Evening Dinner Symposium Case-Based M-TEER Therapy in 2024

Not CME Accredited 
Program Moderators: James B. Hermiller, MD and Mark Reisman, MD

5:30 pmM-TEER Therapy Through the Lens of the Echocardiographer

Robert F. Burke, MD

5:45 pmCOAPT 5-year Data and Real-World Applicability

Megan Coylewright, MD

6:00 pmSymptom Improvement and Restoration of Life Expectancy Following M-TEER

Steven J. Yakubov, MD

6:15 pmM-TEER in Patients with Atrial Functional Mitral Regurgitation

James B. Hermiller, MD

6:30 pmM-TEER Therapy in Cardiogenic Shock

David G. Rizik, MD

6:45 pmM-TEER in Patients with Anatomically Complex Degenerative Mitral Regurgitation

Mark Reisman, MD

7:00 pmM-TEER vs. Surgical Repair: What We Hope to Learn from PRIMARY & REPAIR MR

Michael J. Rinaldi, MD

7:15 pmTricuspid TEER: Putting the Technology and Data into Perspective

Ronald Caputo, MD

7:30 pmWrap-Up