Tuesday, March 5, 2024


6:45 amRegistration / Continental Breakfast
Princess Ballroom
7:20 amWelcome and Opening Remarks
David A. Cox, MD

Cases Over Coffee II: Case Presentation and Expert Commentary

Moderator: Saraschandra Vallabhajosyula, MD
Panel: Rebecca C. Chester, MD; Timothy D. Henry, MD; Binita Shah, MD

7:30 amSCAD Case Presentation and Current State of Science
Binita Shah, MD
7:40 amMCS for High-Risk PCI: Optimal Decision Making
Rebecca C. Chester, MD
7:50 am

Coronary Sinus Reducer Case Presentation: The Technique & the Rationale

Timothy D. Henry, MD


Moderator: Manish A. Parikh, MD and Maulik G. Shah, MD
Panel: Ziad A. Ali, MD, DPhil; Morton J. Kern, MD; Jonathon Leipsic, MD

8:00 amTop Coronary Trials of the Last Year

Manish A. Parikh, MD

8:15 amComplete Coronary Revascularization Guided by Coronary CTA
Jonathon Leipsic, MD
8:30 amFirst-in-Human Experience with a Novel Multimodality Deep OCTTM-NIRS Intracoronary Imaging System
Ziad A. Ali, MD, DPhil
8:45 amImaging & Physiology: Big Talk, Little Action from Practitioners - What Does It Take?

Morton J. Kern, MD

Live Cases 4 & 5

Moderators: Douglas E. Drachman, MD and Robert F. Riley, MD
Panelists: M. Chadi Alraies, MD; Rebecca C. Chester, MD; Farouc A. Jaffer, MD, PhD; Michael A. Kutcher, MD Arthur B. Reitman, MD; Jasvindar Singh, MD

9:00 amCase 4
Broadcast from HonorHealth Shea Medical Center, Scottsdale, Arizona
Operator: Taral N. Patel, MD
Guest Operator: Alok Sharma, MD
Guest Imaging Expert: Jamie M. McCabe
9:35 amCase 5
Broadcast From Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, Gilbert, Arizona
Operator: Ashish Pershad, MD
10:15 amBreak / Visit Exhibits


Moderators: Maulik G. Shah, MD and Richard A. Shlofmitz, MD
Panelists: Kush Agrawal, MD; Farouc A. Jaffer, MD, PhD; Michael J. Lim, MD; David G. Rizik, MD;  Saraschandra Vallabhajosyula, MD

10:30 amAchieving Precision Stent Implantation with OCT
Michael J. Lim, MD
10:45 amIntravascular Shockwave Lithotripsy: New Directions for Coronary Application
Dean J. Kereiakes, MD
11:00 amDrug-Coated Balloon: Current Applications, Future Directions

Saraschandra Vallabhajosyula, MD

11:15 amIntravascular Ultrasound: From Stent Optimization to Mortality Benefit

Farouc A. Jaffer, MD, PhD

11:30 am

The State of Invasive Physiology Technology in 2024

Richard A. Shlofmitz, MD

11:45 am

Why Radiation Safety in the Lab Must Be a Priority

David G. Rizik, MD

Pick-Up Lunch and Return to the Ballroom

Working Lunch

Panel: David A. Cox, MD; Douglas E. Drachman, MD; Timothy D. Henry, MD; Michael A. Kutcher, MD; John M. Lasala, MD, PhD; Manish A. Parikh, MD; Gregg W. Stone, MD; Molly Szerlip, MD

12:30 pmConversations in Cardiology
Morton J. Kern, MD

Live Case 6

Moderators: David A. Cox, MD and Morton J. Kern, MD
Panelists: Douglas E. Drachman, MD; Philippe Genereux, MD; Taral N. Patel, MD; Robert F. Riley, MD; Binita Shah, MD; Matthew W. Sherwood, MD, MHS

1:30 pmCase 6
Broadcast from HonorHealth Shea Medical Center, Scottsdale, Arizona

Operator: David G. Rizik, MD
Guest Imaging Expert: Ziad A. Ali, MD, DPhil
Guest Operator: James B. Hermiller, MD


Moderator: Gregg W. Stone, MD
Panelists: Douglas E. Drachman, MD; James A. Goldstein, MD Timothy D. Henry, MD; Jasvindar Singh, MD

2:15 pmPlaque Instability Is the End, Not the Beginning

James A. Goldstein, MD

2:30 pmOptions for the “No-Option” Patient 2024

Timothy D. Henry, MD

2:45 pmHow and When to Escalate Mechanical Circulatory Support in STEMI

Douglas E. Drachman, MD

3:00 pmLeft Main PCI vs. CABG: Do the New Joint ESC/EACTS Task Force Recommendations Align with the Evidence?

Gregg W. Stone, MD

3:15 pmThe Role of Mechanical Thrombectomy in the Acute Coronary Syndromes

Jasvindar Singh, MD

3:30 pmBREAK

Cases Over Cocktails 

Moderator: Timothy D. Henry, MD 
Panelists: David A. Cox, MD; Katherine B. Harrington, MD; James B. Hermiller, MD; David G. Rizik, MD; Steven J. Yakubov, MD

3:45 pmCase 1: Oh, How I Wish That Wouldn’t Have Happened
Steven J. Yakubov, MD
4:00 pmCase 2: Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa
David G. Rizik, MD
4:15 pmCase 3: Salvaging a Disaster
James B. Hermiller, MD
4:30 pmCase 4: Another Great Save from the Once and Forever SCAI Prez
David A. Cox, MD